Afforded the chance yesterday to do some unfamiliar drinking at a friend's birthday party, I naturally took advantage.

Buffalo Trace Kentucky Bourbon: This seemed a little flat and lacking in bite to me. Which actually made it easier to drink -- and in fact it grew on me later in the evening, because I was able to drink a lot of it. But it didn't really have a lot of flavor or character the way mt preferred Bourbons do. Not a bad sipper, but nothing I'd buy for myself.

Vincent Van Gogh melon-flavored vodka: This I actually bought for my friend, but of course I tried it myself, because what am I, not gonna drink it? I've never really seen the appeal of flavored vodkas; the whole appeal of vodka is that it's flavor-, odor- and color-neutral and thus takes on the characteristics of whatever you mix it with. But this seemed like a nice light summery sort of thing, and so it was. The scent was very strong, so much so that I question its claim of all natural flavoring, but it was pretty good -- almost like a liqueur, only not as thick and sweet. It would have been swell upended into an actual watermelon, but I was too lazy to stop and buy one. Story of my alcoholic life.


Austin said...

"a friend's birthday party"

Man, is it hard not to feel like a dick when I read this phrase.

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