Vodka Lemonade

Aside from Bombay Sapphire on the rocks, vodka lemonade is about the most perfect summer drink there is. And it's especially perfect because it's easy to make (you got your vodka, you got your lemonade) and easy to regulate your liquor intake (if it's lunchtime, you use a little more cup-for-five-cents; if it's late afternoon, you step up the Finlandia).

But here is my particular genius: I happened to have a creamy, gold-and-green Cucumis melo inodorus lyin' around, so I cut it up, let it saturate in the vodka lemonade for about an hour, and then drank it down like a man who'd just eaten a big hunk of the sun.

And that, my friends, is what summer tastes like.

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